If you are inclined to write catchy headlines more as an afterthought than as a key element of your content strategy, it’s time to rethink. Headlines can make or break your website traffic goals, your social shares, and just about every content metric.

After all, about five times as many people will scan the headline as read the article. That means if your headline doesn’t grab interest or drive action, your audience is exceptionally likely to move on to another piece of content.

Not sure how to take your headline strategy from boring to thrilling?

Find out my 5 best tips on how to write catchy headlines and snag out my headline writing formula.


Example: Take the subject “learning French.” You could write an article entitled, “How to Learn French” or “Why I Love Learning French.”

Or you could apply this formula and make it: “18 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Learn French

Headlines are the first thing your readers will see, and it’s your job to convince them to click and read your content. Even if you only use one of the 5 tips from this post, you’ll be able to add a touch of uniqueness to every piece of content you publish.

Oh! And don’t forget to download our kit to help you write better headlines.

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